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NCHS on lockdown

Published 11:19am Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CREEKSVILLE – An apparent threat made to Northampton County High School has prompted law enforcement and public school officials to place the facility on lockdown as of this morning (Tuesday).

Captain Darryl Harmon of the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office told the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald that the school will remain on lockdown today until further notice. He added that no weapons or threatening individuals were found during the initial sweep of the school buildings by law enforcement officers.

Harmon said the decision to lockdown the school was based on information received by one of the SRO’s (School Resource Officer) assigned to the high school.

“That threat involved the possible presence of a weapon on campus, but none have been located as of this time,” said Harmon during a telephone conversation with this newspaper at 11:30 a.m. “Based on that threat the decision was made to immediately lockdown the school.”

Harmon added that three SRO’s are currently on the NCHS campus as well as NCSO deputies making periodic stops.

“As a precaution, our deputies are also performing safety visits, walk-throughs, at all the other schools here in Northampton County,” Harmon added.

  • nascarkid

    I understand the reason for name calling being with held but so many people and so many Facebook postings on this from the children of that school from days back just takes my breath on the real security of that school. A student from that school was suspended for ten days due to a threat . This student was to return today . I do not know for a fact if this student is the reason they had to do a lockdown but just the conversations between this student and peers would raise red flags. If in fact that this student is being some what treated different because of the Position his family member is in then that’s just wrong. I know kids work up things when it comes to a story such as this but I’m surprised how hush hush this has been . I hope that this is nothing but just kids being kids but it comes with great uncertain feelings on the well beings of our children. I do thank the law enforcement for taking action and I’m glad it seems at this point being treated as something more than just kids talking Amongst the selfs. Please note that any and all information I Speak about is not based on facts I have first hand but through the talk and readings I have herd leading up to this.

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