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Chamblee resigns

Published 9:59am Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WINDSOR – Pamela Chamblee’s service on the school board came to an end Friday.

Her service to the school district, however, began anew moments later.

Friday afternoon the Bertie County Board of Education called a special meeting in which the district’s governing body chose Elaine White as the next Superintendent of Schools.

Following that decision and dealing with a few other items, Chamblee asked to be recognized and proceeded to announce her resignation from the school board effective immediately. She would have left office Dec. 1 after having been defeated for reelection by longtime Bertie County Schools principal Bob Occena.

School Board Chair Gloria C. Lee and board members Alton Parker and Rickey Freeman each said they would miss serving with Chamblee.  They complimented her on her dedication to the district and her insight into helping students.

The board then voted to accept her resignation and she moved from the table as the body voted to go into closed session to discuss personnel issues.

Following the closed session, the board reconvened to discuss the personnel list presented by White for their consideration.

Board Vice Chair Emma Johnson read the list of new hires, including naming Chamblee as Freshman Academy Coordinator and English teacher at Bertie High School. She then made the motion to approve the personnel list, which was approved by a unanimous vote.

As for Chamblee’s seat on the board, School Board Attorney Rod Malone said there was no need to fill the position because Occena would be sworn in at the next scheduled meeting in December and no called meetings were planned over that time.

  • SojournerTruth

    “Service on the board came to an end” or should that be reign of bullying on the board finally came to an end? Who can’t see the game at play in all of this? Resign, walk out of the room and come back in to accept a position that had been made up just for her? Anybody see this position posted before? Who else applied for it? Who interviewed and when? What is the job description and what were the qualifications being looked for? Are there even enough students at the school to need this position? Well, I can go ahead and answer that one, “No.” Her fellow board members complimented her insight into helping children.” That’s downright laughable. I compliment her on knowing how to turn a deal for herself and her family members. Bump the kids. Yeah, Boomer, you nailed this one. Definitely some funny business going on from the board to the “new” superintendent to the personnel office.

    Suggest Removal

  • Boomer

    I smell a rat! It’s a big one wearing a wig and a headband. Actually, I smell a few rats, but didn’t I tell you to keep your eye on this one! Better keep your eye on the $$$ too – the salaries, the raises and the made-up positions. Won’t be long before Bertie will be right back in the shape it was in before the last two superintendents scrimped and saved to rebuild a floundering fund balance. Come on Friends, we need you!

    Suggest Removal

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