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Rivers officers arrested

Published 11:03am Friday, October 12, 2012

WINTON – Two officers here at Rivers Correctional Institution have been arrested on bribery offenses.

Rhonda Boyd, 27, of Gates County and Raye Lynn Holley, 49, of Murfreesboro were indicted by a federal grand jury on Oct. 3 in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

Boyd was charged with conspiracy to commit bribery and acceptance of a bribe while Holley was charged with accepting a bribe.

The indictment alleges the offense took place from early 2011 up to and including the present time and that the defendants were smuggling contraband, including cell phones and cigarettes, into the facility.

The U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation handled the case with the assistance of the Hertford County Sheriff’s Office.

Rivers Correctional is a private prison which operates under federal contracts.

  1. headband

    You are right 1987… I’m sure the inmates just randonly picked these two COs to put the blame on. And the federal grand jury just indicted these two without having good evidence. Riiiggghhtt.

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  2. 1987triplethreat

    To skippy and the rest of the idiots…..the workplace took the inmates side and not the CO’s. Thanks for your unnecessary input. Speak of what you know, once again. Please refrain from typical-”unknowing” comments, unless you chose to say it to me. Thanks.


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  3. 1987triplethreat

    Speak of what you know, not from what the media tells you. Typical comments from typical idiots. Guess you all were there. Wait until the truth comes out dummies.

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  4. y-me

    this is a tiny tip – its a massive iceburg

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  5. headband

    I know a CO pay isn’t the best, but this is just stupid! It’s time for judges to start handing down some real long active prison time. It’s the only way to deter fuure CO’s from doing this.

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  6. skippy1975

    This is getting out of hand here. Correctional officers are suppose to be on our side not the inmate’s side.

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