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‘Stable’ – really?

Published 10:36am Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To the Editor:

Thadd White in his Nov 12th article (“Lamb leaving Bertie”) began with, “A decade of stable leadership in Bertie County will soon draw to a close”.  Really???

I submit that more than two years of that decade has been fraught with questions about Zee Lamb’s “service” to the citizens of Bertie County.   I’m sure most of your readers are aware that at the height of the recession, while telling all other county employees that no raises would be given due to economic conditions, Mr. Lamb got a $52,000 per year  raise in a September 2009 closed session of the Bertie County Commissioners, at which Mr. Lamb was present since he was the County Manager.

Evidently Mr. Lamb’s “stable leadership” did not include informing the taxpayers in Bertie County who pay his salary – or the other county employees who did not get a raise  - of this fact.  This was discovered by the citizens of Bertie County 17 months after Mr. Lamb received the raise.

If you have followed the long legal battle between the citizens of Bertie County and the county manager and the county commissioners, then you are aware that the “Friends of Bertie” sued the county commissioners to get the tape of that closed meeting in which Mr. Lamb received this inordinate pay raise, so they can find out exactly how it came about – a piece of information that has been doggedly withheld for over two years.  This legal proceeding will be heard in court on Jan. 23, 2012 and by that time Mr. Lamb will be in Chowan County.

Thadd White wrote an article that appeared in the News-Herald on August 7, 2010, entitled “It’s all Zee’s fault”.  He claimed that the citizens of Bertie were unfairly persecuting and blaming poor Zee for all sorts of catastrophes. In the 14th paragraph in that article, Mr. White states, “When he (Zee Lamb) has tried to accomplish things, he’s done so without hiding behind other people.  He shoulders the responsibility of his office the way he should.”   Of course this article was written prior to the news in early 2011 that Mr. Lamb had received his huge raise  and had failed to tell this to the Bertie County taxpayers.  It was also written prior to the fact that the county commissioners have had to take the major portion of the heat for this act while Mr. Lamb – not exactly shouldering the responsibility – hid behind their coattails.

In the very last paragraph of Mr. White’s article on Nov 12, he reveals that Mr. Lamb’s salary in Chowan County will be only $116,000 per year – over $30,000 less than he received in Bertie County.  If Mr. Lamb was doing such a good job in Bertie and he truly “shoulders the responsibility of his office”, don’t you think the cut in pay and the timing of his leaving – prior to the January 23 court hearing – is rather telling?

Roberta L. Wise


  • John Davis

    David Thompson,

    It is sad that you call Bobbi Wise’s opinion dribble. I do not know who you thought wrote that as Fen and myself always write under our own names.

    As to what I wish for, it is for county government in Bertie to be conducted in the open and according to the laws of North Carolina. John Davis, Merry Hill NC

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  • LisaBriley

    DGT- Mrs. Wise is my friend and I can assure you that this is her name and opinion. I fully agree with her! Beware making assumptions and untrue accusations. Thank you Fen and Luther for your comments.

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  • dgt

    To Fen and Luther thanks for the comments. Words do not hurt any one they just show the the type person you are. Luther you are right she has her opinion and can express it too if it is her opinion. To both of you good luck on the replacement of the commissioners. If change is going to come then it should be in the ballot box. That is the way to do it not comments like the two of you have said. Fen you know me and Luther you should.

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  • Fen Rascoe

    Luther you are right in your assertion about DGT. He is a wormly coward, along with his wife PNUT, who sheepishly chimes in from time to time on the comment sections as well. Both choose to hide behind cyber aliases and annoymous phone call tips when they are given their marching orders from the county building on what to write and say – much like Richard Condon’s “The Manchurian Candidate” depending on what kind of meds they are munching on that week. Whether they are directed to go into cyber attack mode, annoymous phone call mode, or automobile stalking mode, they are yet to muster the innards to stand up and speak their minds in a public forum, such as you and Roberta have done, or reveal their identity while going after those their masters seek to destroy professionally and politically.

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  • dgt

    So Roberta your name/opinion ??? is just now appearing!!! You actually kept an article by Thad White from over and I say over a year ago??? Not! Your article rings very familiar! Same old dribble from the same person–we know who that is!!!!!! Roberta, it is not Wise to let someone else sign your name on this letter. Ya’ll got what you wished for–you may regret it.

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    • LutherCulpepper

      To dgt: I don’t know Ms. Wise, but she is entitled to her opinion just as you are NOT entitled to attack her for it. To ridicule someone from the shadows of an anonymous name is a cowardly act, and you are a coward. I hope the newspaper will use you as the reason to make web comment requirements the same as the requirements for writing a letter. No more anonymous names.
      And by the way, Zee is just the beginning. His commissioners have to voted out of office before real change can come to Bertie County. And guess what, dgt? That day will surely come.

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