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Gun on campus

Published 9:31am Thursday, March 3, 2011

CREEKSVILLE — A Northampton County High School-East student has been arrested after allegedly bringing a gun and marijuana to school.

Meanwhile, law enforcement is crediting a school resource officer and school staff members for their response to the situation.

According to Northampton County Sheriff’s Chief Detective Capt. D.M. Harmon, Devin Scott Pallone, 17, was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies last Friday.

Pallone, of Bolton Road near Rich Square, was charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds, possession of property with an altered serial number, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was taken to the Northampton County Jail where he was placed on a $5,000 secured bond.

Harmon said the charges stem from a tip received by Sgt. Altessie Taylor, a school resource officer at NCHS-East, that Pallone had a gun on campus.

“(Pallone) was searched and a small handgun was found in his possession concealed under his clothing in his waist area,” said Harmon. “Some ammunition was found in his pocket also along with a small bag of marijuana.”

Harmon said the suspect’s motive for bringing the gun to school has not been determined.

Pallone’s first court appearance was Monday and the case was continued until next Monday, March 7. Harmon said Pallone is still currently being held in the Northampton County Jail.

Meanwhile, Harmon recognized school officials for quickly bringing the situation under control.

“I would like to commend the school resource officer and staff for their alertness in getting this situation contained and as a result an arrest was made without incident,” he said.

  • nlee1

    I just left a post here on the subject of this young man going to school with a gun and weed. I have some more to add because I am mad. My grandmother had her PHD in how to whip the snot out of you. After she got a hold of you. you just knew you wanted no parts of her again. My brothers are in the 50′s now and can still recall the things they knew they’d better not do because of Grandma. My grandma set the boundaries and we did not cross them. Back in the day, this is how it was handled. When a child has no boundaries, nothing is out of bounds for them to do. It is not punishment to send a child to their room when he probably has a couple thousand dollars worth of entertainment equipment in there at his or her disposal. I do not remember anyone ever dying becuase they did not have access to their DS’s, PSP’s, X-Box’s, WII’s, etc. What ever is wrong with this youg man carrying a gun and weed to school did not happen just that day, it started when he was young…they have to be straigthened out while they are young. Today parents will go to the school and yell at the teacher, in front of the child, about something the child complained to the parents about… wonder, the child has no respect….
    It use to be the teacher could punish(corporate) a child in school, now it is the child punishing the teacher.

    Suggest Removal

  • nlee1

    When he got up for school that morning, what was he thinking? Oh yeah, got to brush teeth, shower, eat, get bookbag that has no homework inside, wait for the school bus and HUUUUM! What am I forgetting? My piece and weed. Can’t leave home without that. Some student in school that day was very lucky and does not realize it. The fact this young man had a gun in school was dangerous enough, but, to have a gun and weed…Oh my God. Good this young man got caught before it was to late, the devil only knows what his plans were for the day. My father told us when we were young that if “HIS” name ever go to jail…not to call him….ever. And we believed him. We knew he meant what he said, and we never tested his theory. Today, when you tell your child not to do something, you can almost hear the wind whistling around in their heads. Now when you spank your child, it is you the parent, that’s commiting a crime. I say bring back those days of getting your tail thrashed. A good caning like in the old days did not kill anybody…it made you a better person.

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  • headband

    This young man wants to act like a “gangsta.” Now, he’s were most gangsters end up. “T.S.O.H.K.”

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